Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Hello everybody! This is what I wore to church today. Most of the things I wore are pretty old, so they don't sell it anymore. But, I'll try to find links to similar items.

Coral Peplum Top (Similar*) - I got it from F21 but last year
Black Satin Skirt (Similar*) - Not even sure where I bought it
Black Strappy Sandals (Similar*) - So old that I should get rid of them, but they are just too comfortable
Jessica Simpson Bag (Similar*) - Bought at TjMaxx
Juicy Couture Necklace that I use as a Bracelet (Similar*) - Bought at TjMaxx

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Small Intro + Macy's and H&M Try on Haul!!!

Hello everybody! 
My name is Olesya and welcome to my blog! 
Here, I will be sharing my interests with you and that is; fashion, beauty, fitness and health, cooking and recipes and of course reviews and haul. Practically a big mess of things :)
I would like to start off my first post with a....HAUL! 
So the 4th of July sales past and my shipments have finally arrived. Macy's had a great 4th of July sale (additional 20% off), so I stocked up on some summer clothes. I also rammed through H&M clearance and found some good deals. So, I will try and find links for all the clothing, but I'm not sure they will still have it, since most of the stuff I bought was from clearance. 

Here is the picture of everything I got (this photo is the reason for my blog name, meet my cat Eva. Who gets involved in everything I do, not by my force haha):

I'll start with the tops. I noticed that I didn't have many crop tops and I just love how they look with high waist jeans or shorts, so all the tops I bought are somewhat short. 
This white tank is loose fitted and flowy, it is a little bit lower than my belly button. But, the straps adjust so if desired, you can make it lower or shorter. This one is perfect for hot summer day, since the fabric is really soft and breathable.

This tank top is really fun in my opinion. I just love the print and shell like bottom. It has 2 layers, top layer ends right below bust and the bottom layer ends right above the belly button. The fabric is also very light and perfect for summer.

This crop top is definitely made from thicker fabric, it's not for hot humidy day. It has a wrap front and much shorter than the rest of the tops, so I'll have to wear it with a higher skirt and jeans. It has beautiful lace back that's only on top half of the back. And the print is just my favorite :)

This last one is a t-shirt that says "Take me to Paradise". It's white and light, again perfect for summer. I love the rolled up sleeves and tied bottom. This one is longest out of all, I wouldn't even call it a crop top.

Okay, so this one I guess is a top too. I've seen many people wearing kimonos and I decided that i had to have one too. It came out to be so freaking cheap that I wish i bought one in white too (the only other color they had). It has velour flowers printed and see-through fabric all over. Tassels on the bottom are my favorite (I'm obsessed with tassels on anything ;p). It would be a little hot to wear in hot weather, but since its flowy it's manageable. 

I wasn't too sure if I liked this dress when I ordered it, since they didn't have my size in the color I wanted, so I settled for this one. But oh boy, when I unpacked it I just wanted to keep rubbing it on my skin. This fabric is so soft and the print actually looks much better in real life. But when I put it on i fell in love with it even more. I really like this fit on my body, how it's fitted on top and flared on the bottom (but not to the point if the wind blows you'll flash everyone lol).

These 2 things are from H&M. I'm obsessed with textured leggings and these have stripes on the knees, so i had to have them. Plus, on the website their name was "Biker leggings", so uh hellz YEAH! Right way I imagined wearing these with a long sweater and my leather jacket (in fall of course, even thinking about leather jacket in this hot weather makes me sick haha)

These shoes were influenced again by seeing so many other people wearing it. For the longest time I was debating if I would be able to pull these off and when I saw these for super cheap and REAL SUEDE! I went straight to nearby h&m to see if they have them there, they didn't. But, I did try similar ones on and made sure the size fits me right. Went home and ordered these the same night. When they arrived I couldn't believe how soft and comfortable they are! Can't wait for the weather to get colder to wear these!

WOW! This post turned put to be pretty long! Sorry for that and if you actually reached all the way to the end, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my haul!