Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My fitness journey and how I lost 20 pounds...

Hello Everybody!
Today I wanted to share with you my fitness journey and how I lost 20 pounds.

I should begin by telling a little about my weight history.
Growing up I was always a very skinny child. People would point out how skinny I was and how I needed to "eat more". But I did, I ate the same as all the other kids. I was just skinny. The way I looked never bothered me because I was a very active and ate healthy, so I didn't gain weight.
I remained being skinny until I was 15, than hormones kicked in and I gained about 8 lbs, I hated it. That's when I actually started paying attention to how I looked and decided to lose weight to get back to being called "skinny" (back than I thought it was a very good thing). I started jogging every night for about 3 miles and barely ate anything.
I finally got my desirable weight, but than something "weird" happened. I kept loosing weight and I didn't understand why. I kept losing weight and got myself to pretty much being anorexic. I went from being called "skinny" to "wow you're way too skinny". But, I enjoyed being "anorexic". It's very sad to think about that right now, without realizing it I had an eating disorder and I liked it. I weighed 99 lbs with a height of 5'8".
At my smallest weight
Realization point came when jeans sized 00 were starting to be big on me and I couldn't go up the stairs without being lightheaded. I decided that I needed to gain weight asap.
Not knowing anything about healthy lifestyle or proper nutrition I decided to gain weight by eating junk. When we went out I would ordered unhealthiest dish on the menu and would try and make myself finish it all. Let myself drink lots of beer and lots of "caramel macchiatos" (hehe still love them) with LOTS of caramels and Extra cream. What do you know, I started gaining weight.
All this trying to gain weight happened around the time I got engaged. With all the wedding planning I didn't noticed how I started gaining A LOT of weight.
At my wedding and honeymoon it wasn't very noticeable by the way I looked but I noticed it by how badly in physical shape I was. After the honeymoon I decided that I needed to start going to the gym (I never worked out before) to get in better physical health. 
I went to the gym for 2 months but didn't see any results because I still had bad eating habits, so I quit thinking that it was a waist of time.
3 years have passed and I got very fed up with feeling self conscious about my body and having bad health, so I decided to do something about it.  I did lots of research on healthy life style and what all these "fit people" did to stay in such good shape.
That's when I started EATING HEALTHY, finally! 
I started seeing results instantly, my bloating went away and I started to lose weight slowly. I still didn't work out at that time, for some reason I wanted to lose weight first before I started working out lol weird
My legs look pretty much the same, except right now its all muscle instead of fat

Both photos with relaxed stomach =/
Anyway, I lost 15 lbs in about 3 months and than found Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines.
I started working out by that program and lost 5 more lbs (I didn't follow her nutrition guide tho).
Than I took a break over summer and started the program again in October, 2015.
Last week I finished BBG 1 and 2 and this week I started it all over again. 
Right now I weigh 122 lbs and feel strong and healthy. I can proudly say that I have muscles (which used to be non existent before), I eat a lot and I'm in great physical shape. 
I'm not skinny anymore, I wear size 5 jeans and sometimes medium sized clothing, but I am finally very happy and confident with my body!
Still skinny arms, but in process of building more muscle

Sorry for rambling for so long, but I hope my story will help someone who might be struggling with their weight.
And please if you're not happy with your body and want to change something do it the HEALTHY way! Don't starve yourself or eat junk. 
Later on I will do a post on my diet and nutrition.
Thanks for reading!

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