Monday, May 23, 2016

UPDATE: Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Guess who's backkk?! 
Hello everyone!
I'm really sorry for disappearing for so long, I promise I won't be leaving you for this long again =)
Today I wanted to share with you my experience with Clarisonic brush. I already wrote a post about my previous experience with it, you can read that here.

So, I decided to give it another chance and use it for 6 months straight and see what happens. 
I never had really bad acne or any serious skin problems. All I usually would get is small blemishes and these weird little bumps on my cheekbones, that now I know where just trapped pores.
Anyway, I started using the Clarisonic twice a day with my regular cleanser, than followed with a toner and a moisturizer.
Instantly, the next day I started breaking out. It wasn't too bad just a few blemishes here and there. So, I took a deep breath and told myself that that's what was supposed to happen and that it's taking all the gunk out of my skin and that's why my skin was breaking out.
I patiently waited (like their website said, the skin will break out from 1-3 weeks), while my skin was getting worse and worse with each day.

In this photo I'm wearing makeup and trying my best to cover up the acne, but if you look closer you can see it didn't really work since you can still see the bumps. I don't have a photo without makeup, because I was too self-conscious to take photos without it. (Excuse my t-shirt hehe). 

3 weeks later, my skin was covered with ACNE! And I mean BAD acne! It hurt and looked hideous. It got to the point where I couldn't even cover it with make-up, because I just ended up having these bumps on my face. Everyone started noticing how bad my skin has gotten and kept telling me to "do something about it".
But well my skin was that bad BECAUSE I started "doing something about it".
I didn't give up using Clarisonic and kept using it for about 3 months. My skin did not get any better, it just kept getting worse and worse and I gave up using that "device from hell" lol
I took me 5 months to clear out my skin after I stopped using Clarisonic!!! And guess what, it left me with acne scarring and marks! That I'm still trying to get rid of!
In another post I will write how I got rid of my acne and what products ACTUALLY work. 
Sorry again for being absent for so long and starting out my first post with such negative review.

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